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A Child of The Road



Some days I want to wave a white flag, give up…move on. It’s rough out here sometimes, the hardships aren’t of a normal life. We break down, eat canned food daily, stick our dirty thumbs out trying to get to the next town. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I throw my van in drive every morning, no destination in mind. I just go. I’ve seen undying snow capped mountains, let the ocean mist lick my face, & have been known to do anything at least twice, because well, you may have fucked it up the first time. We have one life, I’m not going to sit around with my thumb up my ass waiting to be put six feet under. I’m taking hold of what’s mine. I come across many who love what I do & many who believe I’m just hobo. I take in the good & ignore the rest.

So here’s to the road, my home.