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I can get deep in my writings, so time to change the subject to well, something hilarious. Pot. Before I begin on this radical adventure, I must tell you one fact which may astonish you. I don’t get high. Wait a minute, you mean to tell me this hippy van drivin’ chick doesn’t smoke a doobie once in a while?! Yup.

After spending a great amount of time in Colorado & California, my respect for this exquisite plant has only intensified. Actually, I became aware how ignorant I had been of her capabilities. When we think of marijuana, we picture a couple of kids huddled closely in a neighborhood park, passing a joint around. *Game show losing music*.

I’ve crossed paths with people who NEED the effects to go about their everyday lives. I was invited to a lounge in Denver, which was completely legal I might add.. Upon arriving, I immediately had the feeling I was walking into a house. Was I at the right place?  A large kitchen table was placed in the middle, an ashtray and various magazines covered the top. I sat down at a bar area, where an exquisite bong lay in front of me with an even more impressive torch device. As I spun around in my chair, I can’t help but feel like I just walked into the raddest  fucking basement. Posters galore, coffee brewing, crock pot simmering with a spaghetti pot-infusion, book exchange, exotic plants, the smell of the 60′s floating in the air. The whole scene was absolutely wonderful.

After establishing, and shocking the owner, of my lifestyle choice, she just shrugged, more for me!  The bell attached to the door chimed. A gentleman in his late 50′s comes limping in. He slowly makes his way to the bar & without saying a word, takes a small container of hash out of his pocket. I notice his hands are trembling & he’s having a hell of a time getting the product into the bong. I’m really trying hard not to stare, but witnessing an old dude rip the living shit out of a bong, well I had just about seen everything.

All of a sudden, he starts talking, as if we had been  for hours. The conversation which ensued, completely changed my life. Let’s call him Harry. Two years prior, Harry was hit by a car & went under many intensive surgeries. He had severe spinal injuries which produced five strokes. The strokes paralyzed the entire right side of his body.  Harry was given a cocktail of drugs, which only made him feel closer to death. The final straw came when his doctor said he had months to live, going on oxygen was his only hope for prolonging life. Come back in two weeks Harry & let’s see where we’re at.

Devastated, Harry returns home. What am I going to do? I don’t want to die. Can you guess what Harry does next? He lights up a joint and boy, was it grand. With every hit, he noticed fingers moving. Harry accidentally dropped the doobie, and without thinking,  bends over, picks it  up. Are you smiling yet? That’s right, this dude with inoperable spinal damage, just retrieved his motha fuckin joint from the ground. Harry tells me,  “Before, I could barely walk, talk, or move my hands. Now I walk everywhere & you can’t get me to shut the fuck up.”

Harry returns to his doctor, not letting him on his secret. Wow Harry, you have really improved! Harry tells the doctor, “No thanks to you. Screw your damn oxygen & pills. I’ve been getting high for the past two weeks. Marijuana has done more for me in that amount of time than you have for the past year.” Needless to say, Harry doesn’t go to the doctor anymore.

I also came across a young gentleman who had battled cancer for the better part of a  year. Like every patient, he was given DRUGS upon DRUGS. One pill in particular really didn’t sit well with him. He noticed  his anti nausea medicine was actually making him sick. Having never smoked marijuana previously, but aware of its healing properties, he began smoking after his treatments. I don’t think I have to tell you what happens next. I sat down with his mom, who wasn’t the type of mother who condoned this particular behavior. She told me although she didn’t approve of marijuana for recreational use, the change in her son after smoking was undeniable. She agreed, marijuana was a factor  in aiding her son through his cancer.

I honestly can’t stand listening to people who are completely against marijuana. Guess what, it’s not a drug. That anti-anxiety pill you take? Drug. The sleeping aid? Drug. Pain killer? Drug. You’re a drug addict, you’re the one who needs rehab. Marijuana helps people, not only people, but our planet. Hemp can be made into clothing, food,paper, fuel, plastic alternatives, building materials, the list is endless. Did you know George Washington made it a requirement for all farmers to grow a small amount of marijuana on their land? Not doing so, was ILLEGAL.

I can go on & on about the topic, as I’m sure anyone reading this can. Marijuana needs to be legalized, completely. The scam artists who are in charge of our “health” system, would be out of the job if this were to happen. But that’s another argument I’ll save for another time.

“‎Some of my finest hours have been  spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye  can see.”
―   Thomas Jefferson