Whoa. Just looked at the calendar.Exactly five months ago I was cruising down the same highway…to the same The Van.

That day, I cried to Lynard Skynard’s Tuesday’s Gone, for hundreds of miles. So..broken & jaded. I was…so lifeless. Who was that girl?

Now today, I’m headed to Magnolia, as a woman. One who has an enlightened spirit & awakened soul. She laughs until tears steadily fall down her sun-kissed face, explores the world as if it were to end tomorrow.

I’m on a damn mission & I won’t stop until I see YOU follow your own dreams. Life is more enjoyable when true happiness has been discovered.

The bucket list you wrote bored behind a desk? Let’s start with #1 tomorrow. The precious change jar on your dresser for a rainy day? Well the weather man said it’s going to pour tomorrow.

So get that pen out and put on your raincoat. There’s an adventure out there with your name all over it