I haven’t been able to write in days. Everything that comes out, doesn’t sound like anything I would write. I have gained the ability to wipe my brain of all my troubles. I realized, there will always be troubles, but I shouldn’t let them trouble me.

My brain overloading though,  stemmed from The Van accident. I literally put my blood, sweat, & tears into the girl. I gave up so much to be out here on the road, yet I have gained so much more. I was talking to a friend, more me whining about what the hell I was going to do. He told me, you are still you without The Van. Don’t let The Van define you, you are inspiring the world by being just you. I was speechless.

He’s right. Yes, The Van is rather badass & makes life on the road a bit easier. I thought I was dead in the water the moment I heard the crunching of metal. So, while The Van is getting doctored up, I’m going to set out on foot. I am going to shed what little I have, into my pack. I will still be Happy Nomad Girl, just without wheels.

I have never even thought about hitchhiking. I always felt pity when I drove by a wanderer on the side of the road. Why on earth are you carrying that dirty backpack? Why don’t you have a job? Well, now I know. I stuck my thumb out on the I-70 on ramp a few days ago, just to test it out. I think I looked too clean, it took about 15 minutes to get a ride. I remember standing there, with my pack & Zig, just so ecstatic. I had no idea who was going to pick me up, where I was going & when I was going to be picked up. Everything I owned at my feet and the whole world ahead of me.

I have no clue where I am going to & that is a beautiful thing. Whenever I plan where I’m going next, I never end up there. I meet others going in opposite directions, which sometimes turns into my direction. So here’s to life on the road, one step at a time.