People I Meet


Heather & Morgan

June 11, 2014


I found myself in front of a coffee shop in Ridgway, Colorado after being turned away from Telluride. The barista, Heather, invited me to park at her house down the road. 

We shared our deepest secrets, went on a gnarly hike, shared a bottle of cheap wine, and her daughter Morgan now has her name on any blank space left on The Van. I must say goodbye to these two today, more of a see you later.

The town of Ridgway is always going to hold a special place in my heart.

Cindy & Chris

June 10, 2014


After a long day of hiking the Ouray Perimeter Trail, found these two hitchin’ up the mountain. Fresh with our own exhaustion, we gave Chris & Cindy a ride to the top.


June 8, 2014


My cab driver, Sam, kickin’ on some new van art. He picked me up after a total bullshit day of fucking with The Van


June 2, 2014

photo (5)

God grabbed my ass and branded his face on my right cheek. To God, I am #2578. To me, God will always hold a special, fucked up place in my heart. 

You see, God owns a bar in Tucson, Arizona called “The Meet Rack”. It is known for its lack of class, a sex room full of devices you’ve only heard about, and God himself. Ladies, if you ever buy a condom from the machine in the bathroom, be prepared for a siren to go off and the whole bar screaming “Slut!” at you.

After God gave me a tour of his bar, he took a branding iron (of his face) and asked me where I wanted it. I pulled my skirt down, bent over, and let him have his way with me. I now get half off drinks for life and a story I’ll never tell my children


June 2, 2014


Meet Ron guys . His RV was broke down along I-10. Dropped him off at a truck stop with a little cash & cigs.


June 1, 2014


Everything is bigger in Texas,even my love for this guy. He once was only a knock away across the hall, pulled the covers over me after too much whiskey, pushed away tears from my wet face, and knows absolutely everything about me. Even after being apart for over four years, I still consider him my brother, my blood, and my best friend. Love you Zach 



May 21, 2014


I go years without seeing Davey. This round, it has only been eight months. Regardless of time which has passed, he still remains one of my oldest, dearest friends. I love this crazy fucker, pink lipstick and all. 

Today, I embark on an adventure in his friend’s RV out East. If this is how my morning is going, I can only imagine the road which lay ahead.


May 17, 2014


I spotted Moe while driving down Chambers Street in Aurora. Him and his pooch Ninja were chillin’ out, looking up trails to go hike. This dude has been EVERYWHERE and stories to last a lifetime.

Sara , Alex, & Adam

May 14, 2014



The souls in these photos, were absolute strangers just hours before. I found myself sharing PBR and great conversation with Sara & Alex. I made plans with Sara, my pen pal who I’ve never laid eyes on, to meet up on 1st Street in Nederland,Colorado.

As soon as I was out of Boulder, I seen a lonely hitchhiker with his thumb out and pack on the side of the road. In comes Alex, a young man from France with as much wanderlust as I. Together, we weaved slowly up the canyon into Nederland.

When we arrived, Sara and I kidnapped Alex, it wasn’t too difficult  We headed to Mills Inn, a tavern between Estes Park and Ned. Sara & I kicked some major ass in pool against a few guys traveling to Denver. We danced and belted out tunes from the jukebox, mostly songs we shared together over the past year.

On my way back, I ran into Adam, a guy that saw me on the draw bridge on Davie Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. He finally got to sign the old girl.


March 20, 2014


 Seville and I met outside the Magnolia Library  in Mississippi. He jokingly made fun of the flat on my bicycle I had received on my cruise into town and in turn I poked fun at his green stripes.

We sneaked a few smokes behind the library, talking life, and listened to him sing a beautiful song he wrote. Seville is just a few months short of finishing up his three year sentence and states the only way he will ever go back on the streets is for his music.

Captain Carl


We crossed paths at the Tom Thumb on Big Pine. We literally laughed together for 20 minutes. Two days later I was at his house on down the road . Someone saw my van parked there and warned me he was a bit on the crazy side. So what do I do?

After packing my van with two cool cats off Rideshare , we made a pit stop at a place he shared with his friends in Palm Beach County.

Hands down…best pit stop to date

Tarp & Annie

February 2014

tarp an annie

Two souls who never got old.


February 18, 2014

Steven Feb 18, 2014

 Zig and I kayaked out to Picnic Island. After a long day of sunbathing in paradise, we decided to paddle pack to Looe Key. As we passed a boat anchored there, I hear music to my hears…”Hey, do you need a beer?”

Turns out, they had a small caravan of kayaks following their boat. We tied up mine as the caboose then Zig & I hopped in. What ensued was a night of dancing and smiles to last a lifetime. 

Adam, Luke, and Shannon

January 20, 2014

January 20th Springers

Co-workers of mine while working at “Springers” on Big Pine Key.


January 11th, 2014


When I awoke this morning, I told myself, no one will ruin this gorgeous day in The Keys for me. It didn’t take much to convince my coworker to play hooky and head to the beach. Keys Life.


December 2014

Leo October 2013

Only in Florida would I find a friend with a pet tortoise named Leo.