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There’s something about music which soothes the soul. I find myself going days at a time without listening to a tune. The moment I press play, I’m pondering how I had ever made it through without hearing a violin or harmonica.

I only had a Lynard Skynard cd in The Van when I left Illinois. I traveled 1200 miles & must have listened to that cd close to 25 times from beginning to end. I could relate so well to every tune.

Hell, Tuesday’s Gone had me in tears. If you were driving down I-55 in October, you probably saw me as a hot mess. That CD really kept me going, every mile. I needed a distraction, something to keep me from constantly looking in the rear view mirror.

Music brings us together & that is a beautiful thing. I went to a few music festivals over the summer & was taken back by the whole scene. Tens of thousands of people gathering to share a common love. I had no idea this world had existed, how had I gone this long without ever coming to one of these?

I refuse to listen to the radio anymore, the same songs over and over again. How do people listen to this shit? Sure, we all have our guilty music pleasure, but there is a fine line between music and complete crap.

Music is all around us, there is no avoiding it. Why not embrace everything it has to offer with a few good jams? So, I ask you today, what’s your favorite tune?


I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked, ” Aren’t you ever afraid something will happen to you on the road?”. I smile every time. The only thing that terrifies me is not being on the road.

I have gained my faith & hope back in humanity. I’ve literally been given the shirt off someone’s back. I was stranded somewhere in Tennessee a few months ago, not prepared for the trek south to north. Standing outside of a gas station with a friend, a kid barely in his twenties, walked up to us. Without a word he handed me his brand new Gap sweatshirt, a pair of gloves, a crisp ten dollar bill, an ice cold pop, & a much needed pack of smokes.

I was completely blown away. I have never encountered such an act of kindness. Right then & there, I knew the road was where I was meant to be. I wanted to be him, be that person who brightened someones day, changed their outlook on life. If only we all could do just that.

I’ve become a firm believer in the pay it forward mentality. An act of kindness somehow seems to find its way back to you. Im telling you, it’s real, it’s not just a plot in a movie. I’ve seen it first hand & the feeling will never leave you.

For all who are reading this, stop what you are doing. Take a drive, a walk, a train ride. Today you will find someone in need, whether it be minute or a person in distress. Brighten their day, give them a little faith.

I dare you.