Land of The Confined, Home of The Cowardly Lions


I have a feeling this picture is going to bring up a variety of opinions. What you see here is me two months ago. Driving a van covered in graffiti, I tend to get pulled over a lot. Many people say, you should really think about covering up all that writing on your van or your a cop magnet. I won’t argue with either of these statements. I refuse to erase my mobile work of art all for the sake of not getting pulled over. Go ahead, throw on your cherries. I have nowhere to be & nothing but time. This is America goddamnit!

I’m not going to say all cops are bad, but a majority of them are essentially legal criminals. We all have to stand up for what we believe in, nothing is ever accomplished waiting for someone else to resolve an issue. I absolutely can not stand people who whine & do nothing about it.

I’ve traveled across the country & have discovered America has lost her sparkle, coal masked as a diamond. Rather than moving forward, we are going back in time. Have you  noticed we now only say America & not United States of America. Where has the unity gone?

So today, I ask you all, quit bitching & put that energy towards good use. We call our home The United States of America, time to hold hands & clean  house.